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About Us

EOF Hackspace is an open community of makers and repairers who come together to share knowledge, tools and space. Our location at Makespace Oxford offers us a much needed workshop space to work on all kinds of projects, including collaborations with Brookes University, Oxfordshire County Library, the Ashmolean Museum and more.

The tools we purchase and the direction in which we expand will be primarily decided by our members. If you would like us to acquire a particular tool, please join the co-op and make your case! We also take suggestions from non-member users, however it may take longer to action them.

How we operate

As a user of the space you can use any tools provided. You can also use the consumables available, provided you replace them regularly or make a small donation.

Your subscription money goes into a pot that pays the bills and anything extra gets apportioned to improving the space.

Activities in the space are organised by keen volunteers so if you want to learn anything new please find an experienced member and ask them to host a workshop. A good place to do this is in chat.

Making changes to the space and the direction we take is done through regular meetings with the members of the co-op (How to Join). These meetings are also open to non-members on the understanding that they are present as advisors. We are keen for our members to make the workshop better suited to their needs, while respecting the needs of others, so small improvements only need a couple of people to agree they are suitable and do not need to be brought to the meetings.

Sometimes the tools will break. We are not a professional service and as such unless a tool makes financial sense to replace we expect our members to fix them. That may mean that your favourite tool might be out of service for a while. Please highlight it when it happens but be understanding since everyone in the group is a volunteer.


We currently offer the following tools:

  • Malyan m200 3D printer
  • Soldering station
  • Oscilloscopes, power supplies, and other electronics bench equipment
  • Workstation computer
  • Mould casting consumables

Workloads we’re aiming to support in the near future:

  • Metal casting from 3D printed shapes
  • TIG Welding

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