How to Join

Using the space

Whether you want to work on your projects or bounce ideas off other enthusiastic people, we need to get to know you. So come to one of our open evenings and have a chat with one of our wonderful greeters. They’ll be able to talk you through what we’re capable of offering and what our current situation is. We’ll also get to know you a bit and hopefully make sure that we can offer you what you expect from your subscription.

Once you are ready, we will ask you to fill in a subscription form and submit a payment, either in person to the treasurer or secretary, or, in the near future, via our online payment service.

We hope to facilitate access to people who otherwise can’t afford such a space, therefore we operate on a means-based fee. Starting at £10/month for anyone earning under £10,000/yr and adding £5 for each £10,000/yr. We know some of you are sole earners in the family or take breaks from work to do personal projects so use the above calculation as a guide to what we think you should pay.

For those who wish to use the space for running a business, please send us an email at to allow us to make sure we can accommodate you.

After everything is processed you’ll be given access to our facilities during opening hours, access to the forum and other communication channels, receive discounts on events and much more.

Member of the Cooperative

Becoming a member of the cooperative requires a bit more effort but we promise it will be worth it! Besides gaining voting rights during general meetings, you’ll also be able to steer the tools and events budget towards your interests.

In return you will have to be an active participant in the running of the space, either by helping out with events, with the operations of the space, or hosting some classes. It could be as little as tidying up a part of the space every few weeks, or coming to a couple of our public consultation meetings.

We’ll try to make the application process as smooth as possible, either as an option on the registration form, or by making a direct application. When you fulfil the criteria, you’ll be given member status by the trustees.


If you wish to help us without using our facilities, you can still contribute in many other ways.

We are accepting money donations, either recurring or one-off. We are also looking for tools, but keep in mind we will have to make sure they are of use to the community. Check the Donations page for what we are keen to receive.

If you’re a business looking to help the community, you can do that by sponsoring events or tools, offering free professional consultancy, or anything else you can think of. We’ll be very grateful and be sure to mention you on our supporters page.

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